Sports halls

What are sports halls?

The concept involves two main parts: a sports court and annex. These parts can be appointed in three mutual position:

  • completely separate, only with the functional connection,
  • connected in one plane, but visually and functionally integrated,
  • fully integrated in the same volume

Annex is a part where are placed all users activities before and after sports, and following technical rooms.

Sports halls construction

Halls are usually 16-24 m wide, have the length of 30-60 m and height of 7-11 m and are directly connected to dressing rooms in the annex area.

Internal equipment: foundation, heating systems, ventilation and lighting are all carefully defined, so construction of this halls is reduced to a simple installation at the site. Organized like this, construction of hall is usually in period of about 60 days after all documents have been aquired. Covering of structure - construction of substructure and membrane instalation, takes only up to 14 days.

Although called light weight, these halls are solid objects. They endure all possible atmospheric effects like any other construction system, and the life span of these halls is measured in decades.

Particularly important and attractive is the financial concept of these halls which offers a very good ratio of investment and returns. According to previous experiences that period ranges from 16 to 24 months.

Sports halls' maintenance

Very important item of these systems is maintenance. Maintenance of other constructions with the same purpose is quite expensive and usually results in failed and ruined sports buildings. With these "easy construction sports halls" all systems are well optimized, as is their maintenance, and all is adjusted to the fundamental idea of the hall: sports. With this approach, we have reduced maintenance costs to a minimum.

Finally, we can conclude that the concept of easy construction sports halls has proved to be very profitable, and as such it has a great potential for the development of sport and existing sports infrastructure.