Isolation and special purpose objects

What are geomembranes and what is their application?

Geomembrane is a type of synthetic membrane, basically made of PVC and reinforced with polyester weaving. In addition to the basic characteristics of being waterproof, these membranes are very resistant to temperature changes and have a high temperature range (-30 to + 70° C).

The most common application of geomembranes:

  • encasement of various accumulations (drinking water, industrial water, irrigation water...)
  • preventing the spread of pollution caused by landfills
  • encasement of artificial lakes...

PVC membrane hydro isolation

This hydro isolation system is based on fully bonded waterproof synthetic membranes. This type of membrane is made of PVC, reinforced with polyester weaving. The membrane is mechanically fixed at the overlap points, and is then welded with warm air.

Most common use:

  • waterproofing flat roofs
  • waterproofing terraces

Characteristics of this type of hydro isolation:

It is easily adapted to any roof shape, corners, roof windows, venting ducts, chimneys...

  • applicable on any roof slope
  • small specific weight
  • quick installation