Biogas and agrar plants

Biogas plants

Equipment accounts for 70-80% of the biogas plant. The main part of the equipment are closed fermentation tanks, which are connected with the biogas storage tanks. These tanks can be metal, covered with PVC membrane or completely made of PVC.

From these reservoirs, biogas is distributed to electricity and heat production plants, and to the end users. The whole system is controlled by the computer.

In this area we provide services of planning, designing and execution of biogas plants and its parts.

About biogas

Biogas is the only renewable energy source that is suitable for the production of electricity, heat, gas and liquid fuels. Biogas consists of methane (55-80%) and carbon dioxide (20-45%) and is not harmful to the environment.

Biogas is obtained by the process of anaerobic fermentation (without the presence of oxygen) of renewable raw materials (corn, cereals, grass), organic waste from the food industry and fertilizers. It does not cause additional carbon dioxide emissions and reduces the amount of organic waste.