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Business Club “Privrednik”

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Airport city

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Zvezdara market in Belgrade


In many years of operation, our company has had the opportunity to provide its services to clients in many European countries. Common for all has been satisfaction with the achieved goals, the speed of the execution and the quality of the delivered products.

In addition to direct customer service, ArTech Engineering has also cooperated with business partners from these and many other countries. By the means of close cooperation, building a network of associates and partners, our company continues to grow despite the fact that it has already reached a leadership role in the region.

About us

Architectural company "ArTech Engineering" was established in 2002 and in addition to designing all types of construction objects, it is specialized in the field of TEXTILE ARCHITECTURE in which it occupies the leadership position in the region.

"ArTech Engineering" is the only company in our country that provides both design and construction services for a wide range of work related to the use of different types of membranes.

years of experience

Partners and clients